At night, Vanessa and Enrique would huddle in the kitchen using light from their cellphones to read to their children. In the four months since leaving the shelter, the family still had just a few personal items and beds in their apartment. 

Before the shelter, the family lived in San Bruno where they paid 80% of their income in rent. When their second daughter was born, she needed to stay in the hospital. Enrique he took time off of work to care for their older child and ended up losing his job. Unable to pay the rent, the family moved to Adobe Services, a shelter where they were able to save money for a new apartment. 

Now living in their new home in Antioch, Vanessa and Enrique are both working full-time in restaurants to prepare for the birth of their third child. 

Before there was nowhere for the family to eat dinner together.
Before they had a very empty living room.
Before the girl's room had some toys and a broken bed.
Before the only furniture they had were their beds.
Before mom and dad's room was just a place to store shoes.

On February 23, volunteers from our Lafayette/Oakland chapter joined together to make Vanessa and Enrique’s apartment into a comfortable home where their family can grow together. 

Organizing household items.
Hanging curtains.
Building a new crib.
Making Mia's bed.
Plugging in a new tv.

The family was overjoyed to see their new home. Enrique and Vanessa couldn’t stop smiling as they toured their home. 

“Look, baby. You have a big bed. That’s yours!”  

Before: The crib they had for their unborn daughter was broken.

After: The girls all have warm comfy functional beds.

Before: Vanessa and Enrique didn’t have their own space.

After: They can relax after a long day at work in a comfy bed.

Before: The family didn’t have a space to hang out together and relax.

After: They have a beautiful space where they can spend time together.

When three-year-old Mia saw her room, she dashed for her toys and climbed on all of the beds. 

“You made our home feel so cozy and warm, it looks like a magazine. It feels so good to be here now. Thank you!”- Vanessa

Thank you to all of the donors and volunteers who gave this family a more hopeful future. Now they not only have light, they have the structure and comforts they need to continue to happily grow together. 

And, as always, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of Chipman Relocation and Logistics.

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