A Bed to Lay Her Head

Tamara* and her 8-year-old daughter Kylie* have been homeless on and off for many years. Tamara most recently escaped her partner who was physically, verbally, and sexually abusive to her. Ruby’s Place provided her with shelter, case management, and housing assistance. She has been making steady income and signed a lease on a new one-bedroom apartment for her daughter.

*Names changed for confidentiality

Before: After many years of homelessness, Tamara had just a few kitchen items.
Before: There was nowhere for the family to relax after a long day.
Before: They didn't have much to make their space a home..

In one day, the GIVE Girl volunteers got together to give Tamara and Kylie the home they deserve. 

Give Girls (& boys!) unloading the Chipman truck.
Volunteers setting up a new desk for Kylie.
Volunteers putting food in the refrigerator and cabinets.
Give girls taking a break after a long day of work.

Tamara and Kylie both had big smiles when they saw their new home. Even Kylie’s friends who were with them loved the new place.

Kylie and Tamara seeing their new home for the first time.
Testing their new beds.
Tamara loving her new bed.

The GIVE Girls truly transformed Tamara’s home into the beautiful and comfortable home. Now, Tamara has a safe place she can raise her daughter and grow in.

Before: Tamara had very few kitchen items.
After: She has a fully-stocked kitchen where she can make meals with Kylie.
Before: Both mother and daughter were in need of beds of their own.
After: An adorable room for mom and Kylie to share.
After: A homework center for Kylie.
After: A comfortable place to relax after work.
After: A table where they can eat dinners together.

"Because of organizations like yours, I have hope that I will be able to provide Kylie with what every child deserves; a place she can call home. A home that has a desk to do her homework, a table to eat her breakfast, and a bed to lay her head."

One of our favorite photos came from Tamara the day after the gathering. She shared this adorable photo of Kylie reading a book before bedtime in her new space. 

Thank you to the Give Girls, all of our generous donors, and Chipman Relocations and Logistics for making this all possible. 

Kylie enjoying her new bed.

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