Before and After Photos

A single couch in Sarah's living room before the gathering.
Living room before.
Living room with couch and t.v.
Living room after.

Danville Chapter and Boys Team Charity Gathering

When we first met Polly*, she had just moved into this apartment with her two children Keesha* 9-years-old, and Caleb* 4-years-old.

I can’t imagine what this mother went through leading up the day she decided she needed to seek refuge with her two children at Ruby’s Place (a shelter for battered women).

She left without anything and had even lost her job that she loved because of threats her boyfriend was making at her work place. Ruby’s Place took her in, offered therapy, helped her find a new job, and a wonderful apartment, but after months of unemployment, money was tight. They had nothing to fill their apartment but a couple of borrowed air mattresses.