The Joy of Home

Melisha and her children ran from an abusive partner. They put as much as they could in a U-Haul and left. Not knowing where to turn they moved into Ruby's Place, a shelter for abused women and children. There they were able to live safely, save up and find a place of their own.  When they [...]


Grateful for Home

Sabryna* and her 2 and 4-year-old daughters had been at Ruby’s Place, a place for abused women and children, before finding their apartment. They moved in with little furniture, and what they did have, needed to be replaced. The Orinda GIVE girls got together to support this family and [...]


Outdoors for Others

This year our annual summer fundraiser will be going virtual!  We’re calling it OUTDOORS FOR OTHERS benefitting Grateful Gatherings. Please help us raise $50,000 of critical funds to provide furniture and home essentials for families-in-need. We want to continue to assist families transitioning [...]


Gaels Give Back

Saint Mary’s College Gaels Give Back We were approached by Bay Alliance For Youth & Family Services who serves girls between the ages of 12 and 17, who were referred through Child Protective Services. Often times the children are brought to the foster home with just the clothes on [...]


Building a Better Future

Mary was in her own place until her son’s father died.  Barely scraping by, she met a man on an online dating site. After seeing him for a while, the man asked her to live with him. Upon arriving at his place, she found he lived with another woman in an apartment occupied by eight […]


Little by Little

After experiencing a job loss and family medical emergency, Natasha fell behind on rent. The landlord evicted her and her four children and all of her furniture was put into storage. The single mother moved to an emergency shelter with her family and then into Abode Service’s transitional [...]


A Retreat and Refuge

Jaclyn left her abusive partner when he started directing the abuse toward their children. She was able to provide a stable environment for her children until she was laid off in 2017. Unable to keep up with her bills and rent, the family left their apartment. They couch hopped for 8 months [...]


A Home for Healing

Emerald* is a single mother with a seven-year-old daughter. She recently escaped significant physical and emotional abuse by her partner. He was a drug dealer who threatened abused her and attempted to take her life on several occasions. He even threatened her family when they offered to help. [...]


Getting Settled

Kelly and her twins were referred to us by Ruby’s Place, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. The twin’s father is not the abuser but doesn’t help financially. Kelly has worked very hard to save money for her new place and feels lucky to have found such a beautiful [...]


A Place of Their Own

Mary is a single mom to three girls, 8-year-old Erin, 4-year-old Cassandra, and 2-year-old Jasmine. She works part-time as a mortgage brokerage assistant. She left the children’s father due to domestic violence and, in the same year, her mother and grandmother passed away. She lost all [...]


Adopt-a-Family 2018

The kindness and generosity of our community never ceases to amaze us! At the end of November we asked our community to participate in our Adopt-A-Family program and within a few days all 26 families were adopted. Each family made a wish lists and our community answered. Gifts were wrapped and [...]


A New Future Together

Maria and her two teens, Natasha and Alex, lost everything— including Natasha’s artwork—in an apartment fire. They were devastated. Maria had worked so hard to create a home for her family and now all was lost. See how our volunteers created a completely new home for this lovely family. Before: [...]


Starting Over

Shinita is the mother of Ulisa, an adorable one-year-old with down syndrome. Shinita and Ulsa just moved into their first apartment after leaving Project Pride, a program for addiction recovery. Shinita has been clean for 15 months and is excited to start her life over with her baby. [...]