This was a first Grateful Gathering for LOPC and Seedlings preschool and it was  nothing short of incredible because of the amazing volunteers and donors. They  came in ready to check in donations, feed the troops, sort, label, clean, pack, and load up our moving trucks! So many beautiful pieces of furniture and decorative pieces, and special touches that were personal to these families who you had never even met! This community came together in just 2 weeks and together they collected over 185 donated items and had over 30 volunteers that day! “THANK YOU” seems too simple to say to show our gratitude for making this first Grateful Gathering so amazing! We truly are grateful for your generosity, your time and your love.

Family #1

Arianna* is a mother of three children, Rosie* (age 16), Nicky* and Amy* (age 5). They have been couch hopping and sleeping in motels since 2016.  She struggled to talk about her lowest point, when she ran out of money and would just drive all night to keep her children safe and warm. Arianna has been in multiple abusive relationships, starting with her mother when she was a child. She is a strong woman who is determined to break the cycle of homelessness for her and her children. All have begun therapy and the children are doing well in school. Her oldest daughter is set to graduate early and wants to join the military next year. Elizabeth House gave her a place to stay and assisted with her new place.

*Names are changed to protect identity.

Before: Rosie and Amy's bedroom.
Before: Livingroom.
Before: Nicky's bedroom.
Before: Kitchen.
Before: Rosie and Amy's bedroom.

When our volunteers arrived, they were so excited to make Taria’s house into a home. They quickly unload the truck and got to work.

Unloading the truck.
Bringing furniture into the apartment.
Setting up the bedrooms.
Cleaning and adding the final touches.
Volunteers admiring the results of their hard work.

Arianna and Nicky couldn’t believe that this was their home. Nicky is a huge Warriors fan and loved his new bedroom. He said, “I don’t know how you did all of this. We just left here a few hours ago!”

After: Rosie and Amy's bedroom.
After: Nicky's bedroom.
After: Arianna's bedroom.
After: Kitchen.
After: Rosie and Amy's bedroom.
After: Living room.

“There are not enough words to explain the happiness you brought us, thank you!” – Arianna

Family #2

Taria* and her two children, Robert* (age 15), and Zaria* (age 21), have been couch hopping and homeless for months after Taria left her abusive boyfriend.  She cried when she told us about the time she was sleeping in a van before finding Ruby’s Place.  They were able to take them in for 2 months until she became stable to afford a place of her own with her children. They have only air mattresses and some kitchen items donated to her.  have very few furnishings and are sleeping on air mattresses. Her 21 year-old daughter is pregnant with a boy and is due in June. 

*Names are changed to protect identity.

Before: Dinning area.
Before: Taria's bed.
Before: Kitchen.
Before: Taria's bed in the living room.

The beauty of her new home almost knocked Taria over!

After: Living room and dinning room.
After: Kitchen.
After: Robert and Zaria's bedroom.
After: Taria's bed.

“God bless everyone, I can’t thank you enough for all the care and love you put into our home.” – Taria

Thank you

A huge thank you to all of our donors and volunteers from the Seedlings and LOPC Community! And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.

Our next gathering is at CLAIRE’S HOUSE a living community of love, hope and healing for girls ages 12-17 who are recovering from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Learn more here.


With gratitude,

Donna and Chris

Grateful Gatherings, Founders

Seedlings & LOPC Community

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