Fit For a Chef

On June 16, our volunteers and donors helped two families in Marin. The first family, a mother with three children, waited for 8 years for their own place. With your help, we were able to provide the furniture to make it a home. The second family is a multigenerational family of four.

We could not do what we do without your support!  Every pillow, blanket, and comforter helps a family build a better future.

Family #1

Our first visit was to the new home of Esmerelda and her three children: Kylie, Edgar, and Christopher.  For 8 years, they waited for their own home while sharing a room in the house in an unsafe neighborhood. Their new home was essentially empty when we arrived. Their living room was bare, they didn’t have a dining room table or chairs, and the children were all sleeping on the floor.

Before: Living room.
Before: Kylie's room.
Before: Kitchen and dining room.
Before: Edgar and Christopher's room.

While the family left, our volunteers built furniture, hung photos, and made their house into a home.

There were tears and broad smiles when the family returned to their transformed home. Kylie screamed with excitement when she saw her house – running from room to room — and was ecstatic with her girly Shopkins-themed bedroom and toys.

After: Kylie's room.
After: Edgar and Christopher's room.
After: Family room and dining room.
After: Living room.

Four-year-old Kylie gave each of the volunteers a strong hug, and the two boys shook each volunteer’s hand, thanking them for all they had done. With tears in her eyes, Esmerelda kept saying, “It’s so beautiful. Thank you, thank you.”

Family #2

Our other stop was at the home of Francisco, his two-year-old son Chris, and his parents, Laura and Francisco Sr. The tiny apartment had no furniture to store the family’s possessions, the grandparents slept on an old mattress and box spring, and Francisco slept on the floor with his son.

Before: Francisco and Chris's room.
Before: Kitchen.
Before: Living room

Volunteers went straight to work, arranging the furniture and hanging pictures and drapes.

Volunteers hanging photos.

What a transformation when the family came home!

After: Living room.
After: Chef Francisco's dream kitchen.
After: Father and son's bedroom.
After: Grandparents' bedroom.
After: Francisco showing off the skills he learned at Homeward Bound Fresh Starts Culinary Academy’s chef training program.

A trained chef, Francisco Jr. was excited to see his kitchen which included a completely new set of pots and pans, and a butcher block.

The family now has a warm, comfortable living room, complete with a play table for Chris. Francisco’s mother loved the peaceful colors and decor of her bedroom. Francisco Jr. and his son now have comfy beds in an airplane-themed room – just what two-year-old Chris wanted.

“Thank you so much,” Francisco’s mother said. “It’s not just what you did, it’s how you did it.”

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to all the donors and volunteers who brought joy and hope to these families. You have changed their lives in a way they will never forget.

And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.


With gratitude,
The Grateful Gatherings Marin Team

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