Family #1

Three people standing in doorway smiling

In order to cover rent, Claudia, her daughter Andrea and her son Maurizio live with Claudia’s friend Carla and her son.  Just about three years ago, Claudia, her husband and children came to the U.S. from Mexico in hopes of better economic opportunities.  After the husband became physically and emotionally abusive to the family, they fled their home with the help of the Center for Domestic Peace.  They had to leave so quickly they had no time to gather any belongings.  After spending some time in a shelter and later the Gilead House, plus Claudia working as a full-time chef in Marin, they were finally able to find the small apartment they’ve been sharing with Carla and her son.  Until we had our Gathering, the two families had been living there for a month without furniture, save for a loaned table and chairs.   

Claudia, Carla and Andrea share this room and would just sleep on the carpet.
Now there are beds for each person and some splashes of color to make the space more welcoming!
With the help of our donors and volunteers, this empty dining room...
...has been transformed into a place for the family to share meals and relax.
The family sees their home for the first time since the Gathering!

Family #2

Life in Elda’s home country of Guatemala had been getting steadily more dangerous.  Even just in her family’s small neighborhood were the threats of gang violence and child predators.  Once Elda’s brother was killed, she knew she had to leave and get her children to safety.  Elda, her fiancée, Jorge, and their three young children are currently awaiting their asylum hearing while staying with her sister in her two-bedroom apartment.

Elda and Jorge are both full-time cooks at Marin restaurants and the only furniture they had in their apartment was a blow-up bed, a couple of borrowed mattresses and a few other essentials that had been loaned to them.  With your generous donations for this gathering, you helped to change lives!

4 family members shared this space sleeping on the ground
NOW, the parents have a bed on one side of the room and the children have bunks on the other!
Another empty bedroom...
Transformed into a fun room for the other two children!
Before the family didn't have a proper / comfortable space to all be together.
But now they can gather at the end of the day and enjoy each other's company.

What a wonderful surprise to see all of this happen in just one day!  Now it feels like a home; our home.

The kids pointing out their new beds.
Now the children have a nice new rug to play on in the family room.
The smiles say it all!

Thankful and Grateful for our Community!

Thanks to all of our donors and volunteers for helping to give these families the gift of a welcoming and furnished home! 

We truly have the best volunteers!

Grateful GatheringS Marin PArtners

We are so grateful to our partners who help make everything possible!

  • Birch Circle Movers
  • City Carpets
  • North Bay Moving and Storage
  • St. Luke Presbyterian Church
  • Studio 64W

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