After experiencing a job loss and family medical emergency, Natasha fell behind on rent. The landlord evicted her and her four children and all of her furniture was put into storage. The single mother moved to an emergency shelter with her family and then into Abode Service’s transitional housing until she was able to get back on her feet. 

Thankfully, she found a job working as a data collection specialist for a tech company in San Francisco and Abode helped her find a 2-bedroom apartment. During the year that it took to get back on her feet, Natasha fell behind in payments for her storage facility and lost all of her furniture. 

Before: Natasha had no furniture to relax and spend time with her family.
Before: She had nothing to make her new home livable.
Before: The family needed everything, even beds to sleep on.

Volunteers from our GIVE Girls group joined together to give the family a comfortable and safe home of their own.

GIVE Girls building bunk beds.
GIVE Girls unloading the Chipman Truck.

Natasha was overwhelmed when she saw her apartment. She couldn’t believe how much our volunteers had done to make a new home for her family.

The family couldn't believe the apartment was theirs when they saw it!
Before: Natasha had nothing to make her new home comfortable for her family.
After: The family has a space to relax and spend time together after a long day.
Before: None of the kids or Natasha had even their own bed to sleep in.
After: The kids have ther own space to make their own and enjoy a good night of rest.
Before: With all of her storage lost, Natasha needed everything to make her new apartment into a home.
After: The family has a place to enjoy meals together.

Seeing the joy the kid’s felt at having their own bed was the most rewarding of all.

The boys love their new bunk beds.
When she saw her bed, Candace laid down and hugged her new stuffed animals.

I don’t even know what to say, I was hoping maybe we could get a couple of things, little by little. I am just so thankful to close this chapter of our lives and start over. Thank you so very much, I feel incredibly blessed.

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