Father and son hugging

Boys Team Charity-Orinda Helps Father and Son

On Saturday, November 4, dozens of Boys Team Charity-Orinda families showed up in force to help two families that they had never met.

The first family helped was Alonza and his 8-year-old son Davone.

Alonza is a single dad whose degenerative spinal disease has kept him from working for several years. With only disability income, Alonza and Davone struggled to get by for years. They couch hopped, lived in motels and shelters, and even slept on the street.

Thanks to Operation Dignity, their lives changed for the better in early October. The organization was able to secure a two bedroom apartment in Alameda for the family.

Not having had a home for so long, Alonza and Davone had only air mattresses to sleep on.

Empty living room with air mattress on the floor.
Living Room
Empty room
Davone's bedroom.

The Boys Team Charity got to work, setting up the home with gently-used furniture and household items. They also went shopping to make sure that these families had some new items too!

They built a BBQ, assembled beds and even put together welcome baskets.

Loading donations into the moving truck.
Building a BBQ.

Great care was taken hanging up new clothing for both Alonza and Davone. Their closets were filled with shoes, sweatshirts and new pjs!

Boy hanging clothes.
Hanging new clothes.
Hanging drapes

There was not a dry eye in the group when we witnessed Alonza’s reaction to his new home. Barely able to control his emotions, he just held onto our volunteer and his son as he walked from room to room with joyful tears in his eyes.

Alonza sees his new home for the first time.
Couches and tv
Living Room
Table and 4 chairs
Dining Room
BBQ & patio set
Stove and kettle
A welcome basket for Alonza who loves to cook!

Alonza loved his room complete with comfortable bedding and a bed big enough for his 6’6” frame. For anyone who has a bad back, you know the importance of a good bed.

Thanks to your financial donations, we were able to give him just that!

Alonza's room.
Man and son touching bed
Alonza tests his new bed.

Alonza just broke down in tears when he walked into Davone’s room. To see a complete room with bed, desk and Warriors gear was more than he could take.

When Davone was a bit in shock. He didn’t understand right away it was all his.

He just stood there in his dad’s embrace and said, “It’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok.”

Alonza hugging Davone.
Kids room with lots of warriors stuff
Davone's room.
Warriors gear for Davone.

The day ended with some basketball with Davone and all the Boys Team Charity boys.  Thank you for the new basketball hoop for the community to enjoy.

Alonza said, “I know where to find Davone now!”

Playing basketball with the boys.
Davone tests out his new basketball.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Alonza and Davone

Alonza and Davone smiling on the couch,
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