"Oh my, it really look likes like a house! This is so beautiful!
Thank you so much!"- Rashika*

We helped a family of three transition out of homelessness and an abusive environment.

The mom, Rashika* lives with her two children, Joshua* (age 7), and Jacquie* (just celebrated her 4th birthday).  Both children were removed from their father’s care after they were physically abused and were placed full-time with their mother. Since the onset of their abuse, the family has been chronically homeless and living with relatives, friends and sometimes in hotels to ensure the children did not have to live in a car. 

Despite her hardship, Rashika proactively landed a full-time job in December and is now working full time plus overtime. She juggles her job, full custody care of her two beautiful children, and ensures the kids are engaged in therapeutic services and extracurricular activities. Rashika independently secured housing but needed everything to make the apartment a home.

BEFORE: The kids' bedroom was just a couple of mattresses on the floor and no wall decorations.
AFTER: A beautiful room they can be proud to grow up in!
BEFORE: The living room had nothing but a few airbags for the family to gather on.
AFTER: A dramatic change, the living room is now vibrant with color, furniture, and joy.

Thank you Miramonte Baseball volunteers as well as our partners Make it Home, and Chipman Relocation and Logistics for helping us provide homes for families! We are so thankful for all of the work you do

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