"I thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and to everyone
who contributed to doing good and spreading happiness to my family. I ask God to reward you and protect you." - Elmira*

Elmira* and her 5 year old son have been at STAND shelter for 3 years.

STAND is a shelter for abused women and children in Contra Costa County. She only spoke Arabic when she came to the shelter and since then has learned to speak English. 

Both mother and child have been through a lot of abuse. The shelter provided her housing and after 3 years she is now living on her own. She is now enrolled in school and works part-time at a daycare.

Carondelet High School Lacrosse team came together to make her house a home so they could have a successful future.

BEFORE: Elmira's room had only a mattress and scarce decoration.
AFTER: Now, Elmira has a beautiful bed to relax in and plenty of space.
BEFORE: Elmira's son also had just a mattress.
AFTER: Now, he has a beautiful space that reflects his personality.

Thank you to our volunteers and donors from Carondelet Lacrosse and our partners Make it Home, and Chipman Relocation and Logistics for helping us provide homes for families! We are so thankful for all of the work you do!

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