"Thank you, because where we came from we had nothing." - Samira*

Samira* and her family were at a shelter for over a year after fleeing a domestic violence situation. Through their stay, Samira became stable. 

She is a preschool teacher and needed support with furnishings for the first home she’s ever had on her own.

Samira has been through a lot in the legal system, and after many hearings, she finally has full custody of her child. 

She is in this country alone and it means so much to her that a community of strangers are coming together to help her and 5-year-old daughter.

BEFORE: Samira's daughter had just a small mattress and a few toys.
AFTER: Now, she has a pretty and comfortable bed with lots of toys.
BEFORE: The living room had so much potential, but no furniture, decoration, or color to bring it to life.
AFTER: Now the living room has comfortable places for the family to gather and connect.

Thank you to our the Head-Royce School volunteers and our partners Make it Home, and Chipman Relocation and Logistics for helping us provide homes for families! We are so thankful for all of the work you do!

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