A Fresh Start

On March 10th, our hard-working, great-spirited volunteers and generous donors transformed the lives of two families headed up by single Mom’s, Lovely and Jewel.   

There is no way to thank you all enough for the amazing transformations you have accomplished. We hope Lovely’s email below, which also echoes Jewel’s sentiments, will let you know how much you have changed these families’ lives – and that reading it will serve, in a small way, as thanks.

Thank you so, so so much!! ….my children have been so happy and comfortable, they haven’t left their room or beds. And we all have already sat at the table. I am so relieved and relaxed — I love my new home!!! These beds are amazingly comfy… Can’t wait to fill the drawers 🙂 I had to show a couple of friends 🙂 Thank you and your team for turning my place into a really peaceful sanctuary for my family…”  — Lovely.

With much gratitude to our volunteers and donors,

The Marin Grateful Gatherings Team

Family #1

Lovely and her three children — son Travis (3), and daughters Na’Lani (2) and Killianan (8 weeks) – just recently moved from a dangerous neighborhood where she heard gunshots daily and her furniture became bug infested. Besides working full time, Lovely volunteers as a peer advocate for the homeless. Her dream is to open a homeless shelter.

When we first arrived, there was no furniture in the dining room, the living room or in any of the bedrooms. They all looked like this.

Before: Dining room.
Before: Girl's room.
Before: Boys room.
Before: Mom's room.

Thanks to our amazing volunteer and donors, they now have a beautiful and relaxing home.

After: Living room.
After: Dining room.
After: Mom's room.
After: Girl's room.
After: Boy's room.

The kids loved their rooms so much they didn’t want to leave them.

Travis in his new room.
Lovely nestled in her magical glider chair where she can nurse baby Killianan!
Na’Lani on her new bed.

Family #2

Jewel is also a single Mom. She has two daughters, Scarlett (5) and Violet (3). A lesson in how one’s circumstances can change in a heartbeat, Jewel went from being a successful skin care professional with her own salon in Marin, to living in a safe house, where she and her daughters sought refuge from daily abuse, taking with them only the clothes they were wearing.

When we got to their home, they had couches and a rug for their living room that a friend had given them but there was nowhere to eat or do homework. They didn’t have dishes or cookware. Jewel had a bed and dresser, but only makeshift sheets. The girls didn’t have a bed so they slept in their mom’s bed.

Before: Living room.
Before: Girl's room.
Before: Mom's room.

The family was so excited when they got home. The first thing they saw was their lovely dining area, which could double as an arts and crafts table. The girls rushed off to see their new bedroom, where they found stuffed animals and girly comforters on their brand new bunk beds.

The family sees their new dining area.
After: Living room.
After: Mom's room.
After: Violet showing she likes her new room.
After: Dining room
After: Girl's room.
After: Scarlett playing with her toys.

The girls loved Mom’s newly outfitted bed, too. Looks like she may still have to share once in a while. All three were so excited – and thankful – for their “new” place.

“I just can’t believe the transformation,” Jewel said. “I’m working on a fresh start and this will go a long way towards helping me make it happen.”

Thank you

To our incredible volunteers and to our awesome donors. You can see the tremendous impact you have had on these families! Thanks to you, they will now get a fresh start in a beautiful, safe and peaceful home.

And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.

Our next gathering is at CLAIRE’S HOUSE a living community of love, hope and healing for girls ages 12-17 who are recovering from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Learn more here.


With much gratitude,
The Grateful Gatherings Marin Team

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