5-year-old Amy holds her hands over her mouth, surprised by the transformation of her bedroom.

Team Gathers to Bring Boys Back Home

“Sarah”, a victim of abuse, has 4 children. Her 5 year old daughter “Amy” is living with her and her three boys are staying with extended family. After being in and out of shelters for the last year Ruby’s Place found her a home. Her boys will be able to come home as soon as she has beds for them to sleep on. Amy only had air mattress on her bedroom floor. Their family room was bare and Sarah had an air mattress to sleep on.

Sarah would need to save for months to afford beds (the names have been changed to protect privacy).

A single couch in Sarah's living room before the gathering.
Living room before.
A twin-air mattress on the floor.
Amy's bedroom before.
Volunteers in the back of a truck.
The Dana Green Team
Woman holding a pot.
Unpacking kitchen utensils.

The Dana Green Team and the Lamorinda community gave them so much more! 

Two women standing near bunk beds.
Setting up bunk beds.
A person hanging photos.
Hanging photos.

Volunteers quickly brought rugs in, fixed up the kitchen with supplies. Bunk beds were made and curtains hung!

When Sarah and Amy arrived, we couldn’t even hold them a second longer as they ran down the hall!

Amy was running all over the house, shocked. Fell on the floor, tearful and so surprised for her bed. Incredibly grateful!

5-year-old Amy holds her hands over her mouth, surprised by the transformation of her bedroom.
Mother and daughter standing at the door.
Sarah and Amy seeing their home for the first time.
Sarah's bedroom after.
bunk beds
Amy's bedroom after.
Living room with couch and t.v.
Living room after.

“Thank you,” Sarah said tearfully. “Now I can get my boys back.”

A special thank you to Chipman Relocation and Logistics for your continued support moving needy families in our community. To everyone on the Dana Green Team thank you for being such stars in the community and especially for Sarah and Amy who just needed a helping hand. 

Our next Gathering is on October 14th in Lafayette.  We hope to see you there!

Donna and Chris

Grateful Gatherings, Founders

Amy laying on her bed.
Amy loves her new bed.
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