Saint Mary's College Gaels Give Back

We were approached by Bay Alliance For Youth & Family Services who serves girls between the ages of 12 and 17, who were referred through Child Protective Services. Often times the children are brought to the foster home with just the clothes on their backs; sadly at times their clothing is the only resemblance they have of their home, family and community.

When we first saw the home, we knew we had to help. The home had old, mismatch furniture. The bedding was dark and depressing, and the whole place needed an upgrade. The managers of the facility wanted the home to be a place where the girls can feel safe, relaxed, and proud to live.

Bedroom before gathering
Before: The girls had just a few blankets and the rooms were basically empty.
Before: The rooms were dark and depressing.
Dirty Livingroom Before
Before: They had just a mismatch of donated furniture.

Saint Mary’s College student athletes and staff signed up to help transform the foster home into a space the girls would be comfortable and proud to stay. 

Volunteers making the beds with new sheets.
Hanging photos.
Volunteers landscaping the backyard.
Cleaning off the patio.

When the volunteers were finished, the girls came back to see their new home. All of the girls screamed when they entered the house. They kept saying “I can’t believe it! Everything looks so good.” 

Foster girl wiping away her tears
Wiping away tears.
Seeing the house for the first time.
sitting on the bed
Testing her new bed.

Foster homes don’t look like this. This isn’t a foster home. This is a home” 

Before: The rooms were dark and depressing.
After: The rooms are comfortable and beautiful.
Before: The girls had nearly empty rooms.
Pink Bedroom After
After: The girls have comfortable and coordinated spaces.
Backyard Before
Before: The outdoor area was barely used and empty.
Backyard After gathering
After: There is a space for the girls to hangout and relax.
LIvingroom Before
Before: The furniture was old and dirty.
Living room after
After: The girls have a modern and comfortable space to relax.

Thank you to Saint Mary’s College student and athletics staff for spending their Sunday creating a beautiful and clean space where the girls feel at home. And thank you to Chipman Relocation & Logistics for donating the moving truck and assistance. 

Photo of all volunteers together

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