300 household items, 50 volunteers, 3 families, 2 Chipman Moving trucks,

Watch the video to the right, and you will see the reaction of a VERY happy and grateful mom!  

After our gathering last Saturday, 12 people who had been sleeping on the floor are now happily sleeping in new comfy beds — because of YOU!  

We say it every time, but it never gets old seeing a community come together and give what they can to help families who are in great need. And as always, you gave not only items, but you gave time, kindness, support, hugs, smiles and warmth to each of these homes.  We KNOW they will never, ever forget it!

See the result of your hard work below!

Family #1

“A” was referred to us by Ruby’s Place and was in an abusive relationship. It didn’t start out abusive but as he grew more violent and she knew she had to leave to protect herself, her son and daughter.  She had to leave everything behind and only had these air mattresses for herself and kids. She works full-time as a school bus driver and says it would take her years to save up for beds for her home.

Before: Living room.
Before: Dining room.
Before: E's room.
Before: E's children's room.
Before: Kitchen.

The GIVE Girls group got to work, making beds, building furniture, hanging photos and making A’s house a home!

Unloading the truck.
Making the children's beds.
Setting up the kitchen.
Organizing desk.
Cleaning the kitchen.

A and her children were so excited to see their new home. Watch their heart-warming response in the video above!

A and her children can't believe how beautiful their home is.
After: A's kitchen and dining room.
After: A's living room.
After: A's office nook.
After: A's daughter's bed.
After: A's son's bed.
After: A's bedroom.

Mommy, I love my bed so much!

A's daughter on her new bed!

Family #2

“E” apartment was completely bare. She had a comforter on the hardwood floor and a couple of pillows for both her and her daughter to sleep on. “E” works for an elder care home and is in school to finish her nursing license. She became homeless when her boyfriend abused her. Afraid for her life she went to Ruby’s Place to save money and find a place of her own.  She was in a fragile state when we met her and was holding back tears when we described how we were going to help her and her daughter.

Before: Living room and dining room.
Before: E and her daughter's bedroom.
Before: Kitchen.

After finishing the first house, volunteers headed over to E’s place to make her house a home too!

Making the bed.
Vacuming the living room.
Hanging photos.
Hanging photos.
Hanging a cork board.

The results were more than E expected! She was shocked when she walked in and saw her home full of furniture.  There were tears in her eyes.

After: Living room.
After: Dining room.
After: E's bed.
After: E's kitchen.
After: E's daughter's bed.

I really like my new bed, and toys and this book!

Family #3

Evin is a Desert Storm Vet. Marine Corp for 8 years. Operation Dignity called us asking us to help his family who needed a lift up. Evin has a life-threatening illness and cares for his two small children, daughter in-law, his two grandchildren and mother. He’s full of hope but furnishings were all falling apart and were dangerous to use! This dining room table and chairs set is put together with brackets and the couch was on bricks with springs popping out.

Before: Kids bedroom.
Before: Living room.
Before: Evin's daughter's bedroom.
Before: Evin's mother's room
Before: Evin's dining room.

Within a few hours, their house was transformed!

After: Living room.
After: Kid's bedroom.
After: Dining room.
After: Evin's mother's room
After: Kids bedroom.

“My house is finally a home.  You made my house a home and I actually want to be in it!,” said Evin. His son followed with, “I have never even SEEN a house that looks like this!”

Evin and his youngest children.

Thank you

Thank you GG family, for not only providing beds, but couches, rugs, lamps, bedding, pots and pans, dressers, tables, chairs, televisions and more!!!

A special thank you to the GIVE Girls for providing many hours of hard work and care for these families.  

And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.  

Our next gatherings are March 17 in Danville and March 24 in Lafayette. Learn more here.


With gratitude,

Donna and Chris

Grateful Gatherings, Founders

GIVE Girls mom and daughter group.

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