From Heart to Heart

Three years ago, when Ramona’s husband began to use drugs and alcohol and abuse her, she left him. She moved her four children from Southern California to the Bay Area. Despite having a good job, she struggled to pay rent and make ends meet on her own.  The family lived in hotel rooms and multiple shelters to make ends meet. At one point, Ramona actually thought of giving the children up for adoption because she didn’t think the life she was providing was good enough for them. Through the help of Life Moves and staying in their shelter, she was able to save up some money and most importantly stay together and be safe.

Recently, Ramona found a job in San Francisco and she is now able to afford a small apartment for her family. Her children are homeschooled because she can’t afford childcare. Her 13-year-old daughter, a freshman in high school, helps with cooking and caring for the younger children when their mom is at work.

When we arrived, they had one mattress and no other furnishings or kitchen supplies. Even their toys were left behind.

Before: Ramona and 13-year-old Sadie's bedroom
Before: 13-year-old Sadie's bed in the living room.
Before: Bathroom
Before: Kitchen
Before: Cheri, Rosie, and Kyle's bedroom.

Our Orinda Chapter and Miramonte High School Football Team lifted them up by putting together a beautiful and comfortable home. The boys kept busy building furniture and climbing flights of stairs to make the empty apartment a home.

The Miramonte Football Team.
Setting up the family's new tv.
Building furniture.
Unloading the power tools.

The family was overwhelmed when they saw their new home. There was laughter, tears, and smiles all around.

“Mama, are you sure this is our house? This looks like a hotel!” – Kyle, age 4

“Thank you, I never felt I deserved something like this.” – Sadie, age 13

After: Living room with a sofa that pulls out for Sadie.
After: Ramona's bedroom
After: Cheri, Rosie, and Kyle's bedroom
After: Bathroom
After: Kitchen
After: Patio

“I wanted to thank you again for creating a home for my family and I. You and your team have really helped us continue to have hope and faith in our situation. I saw the true happiness in their hearts because you guys created this from your own hearts. You are angels from God. Thank you so much.” – Ramona

Thank you

Thank you to our Orinda Chapter and the Miramonte High School Football Team! You helped a family who has been through years of hardship, homelessness, and crisis. You donated and lifted them up by putting together a beautiful and comfortable home. And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.


With gratitude,

Donna and Chris

Grateful Gatherings, Founders

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