Mary was in her own place until her son’s father died.  Barely scraping by, she met a man on an online dating site. After seeing him for a while, the man asked her to live with him. Upon arriving at his place, she found he lived with another woman in an apartment occupied by eight other people. She was forced to do all the chores and sexual favors on demand. At night, she and the baby were forced to share the couple’s bed. Thankfully she found Ruby’s Place, a shelter for abused women. They were able to help her find a new place to live and a part-time job as a CNA . 

Before: The family had nowhere to relax after a long day.
Before: Two folding chairs and a rocker were their only furniture in the living room.
Before: The family slept on an air mattress and had nowhere to store their things.

The family had been sleeping on a queen air mattress that took up so much space in the 8’x10′ bedroom the door wouldn’t open all the way.  Two weeks before the mattress deflated and they had been sleeping on the floor. Our mighty team of volunteers arrived to help at 10:30am. They quickly began unloading supplies, hanging hooks and pot racks, and setting up a new flat-screen TV.  

Mary was all smiles when she saw her beautiful new home. 

Before: The living space had just a rug and a glider with no place to really sit down and relax after work.
After: They have a comfortable place to spend time together and plenty of storage for their things.
Before: There was nowhere to sit and relax.
After: With a sofa and accessories, it's a comfortable place to read, watch TV, and play with her son.
Before: The family had been sleeping on a queen air mattress that took up so much space in the 8'x10' bedroom the door wouldn't open all the way.
After: We squeezed in a twin bed for mom, a toddler bed, and a dresser for much needed storage. Now she will be able to put most of her things away for the first time.

Mary now has a beautiful and comfortable home where she can build a future with her young son. 

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