Emerald* is a single mother with a seven-year-old daughter. She recently escaped significant physical and emotional abuse by her partner. He was a drug dealer who threatened abused her and attempted to take her life on several occasions. He even threatened her family when they offered to help. She was brave enough to call the police and he was placed into custody. She then sought refuge at Ruby’s Place where she found peace and healing. She now has a great job in San Francisco and has landed a nice apartment to start fresh. 

Before: Emerald didn't have anything to furnish her home.
Before: Emerald and her daughter slept on the floor.

Volunteers from our Danville Chapter helped Emerald start her new life by assembling furniture, making beds, and creating a home.

Volunteers finishing packing up the Chipman truck.
Deciding where to put furniture.

It’s so beautiful. I love it. Thank you all so much!

Before: The family slept on the floor.
After: They have comfortable beds where they can grow and relax.
Before: The family had nowhere to relax.
After: They have a gorgous livingroom where they can spend time together.
Before: The family had nowhere to eat meals or do homework.
After: They have a perfect space for eating and doing homework.

I’ve never known anyone who would do something this kind. Thank you so much. 

  • Cindy Larson

    Beautiful and well deserved! So wonderful to see the smiles on your faces. You can do this!!!💕

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