Reina was desperate when she arrived at Homeward Bound, an agency that helps homeless families find housing. The single mother had been sleeping in her van with 3-year-old Rey and 2-year-old Carlton for 4 months. She suffers from PTSD from an abusive relationship and has struggled with employment. Homeward Bound helped her find an apartment and save money for the deposit.

When we met her, Reina was hopeful about the future but greatly in need of beds and furniture to give her children the stability they need.

Before: Reina used an old car seat for a couch.
Before: Three-year-old Carlton slept on the floor.
Before: Reina slept on an air mattress and had nowhere to store her things.
Before: Reina had a dining room table but no chairs.

Volunteers from our Orinda chapter headed to Rodeo on March 9 to help give Reina and her boys the home the deserve. 

Unloading the Chipman truck.
Hanging new bath towels.
Folding new clothes.
Assembling a new training toilet.
Hanging photos.

Reina was really overwhelmed when she saw her new home. She cried as she entered every room. 

Reina seeing their new kitchen.
Rey was really excited about the new helmets for him and his brother.
Reina seeing her beautiful bedroom.

“Oh my god, this is too pretty,” said Reina. “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Before: The family had nowhere to relax and spend time together

After: They have a beautiful, comfortable, and functional living room.

Before: The kids had just their beds and a few clothes.

After: They have an adorable bedroom perfect for two young boys.

Before: Reina slept on air mattress and had just a few personal items.

After: She has a beautiful and comfortable space of her own. 

“Mommy! I am so happy,” said 3-year-old Rey.

Reina, her sons and their father.

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