Bringing Light and Joy

Linda* is a deaf single mother of three who has struggled to provide for her family since her youngest child’s father was incarcerated. She receives no child support and supports her kids on her own. Although she communicates in American Sign Language and in written English, navigating the system of formal and community resources has been extremely challenging for her. 

When we arrived, the family was living in darkness in multiple rooms. Her oldest son Joseph* had no table, desk, or flat surface to do his homework. There was nowhere to sit except an old couch with no cushions. The family had very little clothing and was sleeping on old mattresses and linens. In meeting Lydia, she seemed defeated, yet has made do for a year with what little they have without ever asking for anything.

*Names changed for confidentiality

Before: There were no lights in the bedroom.
Before: The family had just their beds and not much else.
Before: The only place the family had to sit was a couch without cushions.

The Miramonte baseball players and their parents arrived at the house eager to help for their 5th annual gathering. 

Volunteers unloading the Chipman truck.
Volunteers creating a clean and beautiful space for the family.
Sometimes it takes a village!
Arranging furniture before the family arrives.

Linda and her boys were so happy when the saw their newly furnished home. 

Joseph seeing his room for the first time
Chris seeing the living room.
Chris loving his new home.

The volunteers and donors gave Linda and her sons a home where they can continue to grow together. They now have everything they need to do homework, relax after a long day, and enjoy spending time together. 

Before: The family didn't have anywhere to sit.
After: There is plenty of space for everyone to relax together
Before: Joseph slept on old mattresses and linens in the dark.
After: Joseph has a comfy bed to rest in and a place to do homework.
Before: The family had nowhere to enjoy meals together.
After: They have a space where they can share stories and meals everyday.

We loved bringing joy and comfort into Linda’s home and we wish the family so much success and happiness moving forward.

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