Jaclyn left her abusive partner when he started directing the abuse toward their children. She was able to provide a stable environment for her children until she was laid off in 2017. Unable to keep up with her bills and rent, the family left their apartment. They couch hopped for 8 months before they found refuge at Life Moves Shelter. The organization helped her find a good job and allowed the family to stay until Jaclyn was able to save enough money for an apartment. Once in their new home, they no furniture and slept on air mattresses for five months.

Before: The family slept on the floor and didn't have anywhere to store their clothes.
Before: There was nowhere to relax and spend time together.

Volunteers from our Danville Chapter came in and helped turn Jaclyn’s apartment into a sanctuary where the family can recover and recharge.

Making the apartment shine.
Building new furniture.
Cleaning and organizing the kitchen cabinets.
Making the apartment "homey".
A huge thank you to our Danville Chapter volunteers.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, Jaclyn now has a comfortable apartment where she can continue to provide a safe loving home for her children.

Before: The kids had nowhere to store their things.
After: They have plenty of storage and comfortable beds.
Before: Jacklyn slept on the floor and had nowhere to store her things.
After: She has a cozy retreat of her own.
Before: They didn't have a place to spend time together.
After: There is room for everyone to relax as a family.
Before: The family didn't have anywhere to eat together.
After: They have plenty of space to enjoy meals and do homework.

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