From Floor to Ceiling

Ginna is 28-years-old single mother with two children, Genesis age 2 and Jessiah age 3.  Ginna started dating her children’s father 8 years ago. In the beginning he was charming and kind but later he became controlling. He wouldn’t allow her to have her own money and began to abuse her once she had children. She finally had the courage to leave when he hit her right in front of the kids and his aunt.  She called the police and they recommended she go to Ruby’s Place, a home for abused women and children.

She recently transitioned from Ruby’s Place to an unfurnished, basement studio apartment in Hayward.  She works as a logistics billing coordinator. Ginna is such a strong woman, raising two small children, she just needed some help to get back on her feet.

Before: Living room and sleeping area
Before: Sleeping area
Before: Play area for the kids

Ginna’s apartment was habitable but the floor needed serious repair; crumbling concrete was making the children cough and it was cold for their little feet. Hoping to make it safer to live in, we reached out to Sean and Lynn Hogan of Hoem and Associates Flooring Store in South San Francisco.  They generously offered to help make the necessary repairs and installed the new floor in one day! Our new Moraga Chapter pulled together a team of volunteers and they worked all day building furniture, hanging photos, and made Ginna’s apartment a home.

Making the bed
Building a bed frame
Hanging curtains
Pluging in a new lamp

When Ginna came home, she cried tears of joy. She recently sprained her foot and we had to help her carefully because she was truly weak in the knees when she saw her place for the first time.

After: Bedroom
After: Couch
After: Kids bed
After: Kitchen
After: Desk
After: Bathroom
After: Living room

I’m in awe. Everything is so beautiful, I really can’t thank you enough.

Thank you

A huge thank you and welcome to our newest Moraga volunteers! Your hard work brought this family, who has faced so many challenges, the hope they need to push on.

As special thank you to Sean and Lynn Hogan at Hoem and Associates Flooring Store for donating beautiful flooring to make Ginna’s home safe and comfortable.

And as always, we could do none of this without the gift of CHIPMAN RELOCATION AND LOGISTICS.


With gratitude,

Donna and Chris

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