Cheryl* was a survivor of domestic violence which sent her into a deep depression. After leaving her abuser and the father of her 3 children, she lost her job, and had to live in transitional housing with her children for 18 months before getting help at Ruby’s place. They were able to help her find a therapist, and she began the long road to recovery.

Soon she had a new job and an apartment. Unfortunately, she had nothing to furnish it with: no beds, chairs, or tables. That’s where you stepped in!

Please take 3 minutes to hover your mouse over each of the photos below and see how Cheryl’s life was changed in just one day!

It’s been truly a joy to see our volunteers gathering again and putting in the work that makes all of this possible. We also want to thank Make It Home andChipman Relocation and Logistics for being our partners!

We are so thankful for our Danville chapter and our volunteers for helping our families in need. Because of you, Cheryl and her kids have a home, and that is a gift that is valuable beyond words. 

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