Kelly and her twins were referred to us by Ruby’s Place, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. The twin’s father is not the abuser but doesn’t help financially. Kelly has worked very hard to save money for her new place and feels lucky to have found such a beautiful apartment. She works full-time at a commercial real estate office as an assistant and hopes to get licenses once she is settled. Her apartment was practically empty, with just a few air mattresses and some items the shelter gave her before she moved in. 

Before: Kelly had just an air mattress to sleep on.
Before: The family didn't have a place to eat together.
Before: The twins slept on air mattresses on the floor.
Before: The family had nowhere to sit and relax together.

Volunteers from our Oakland chapter set out to give Kelly and her family the beautiful and comfortable home they need.

Unloading donations.
Building furniture.
Hanging curtains.
Making beds.
Assembling curtain hardware.

Oh my goodness! It’s so beautiful. I love it,” said Kelly.

Before: Kelly slept on an air mattress the shelter gave her for her new apartment.
After: Kelly has a beautiful, comfortable bed where she can get a good night sleep.
Before: There was nowhere for the family to eat together.
After: They have a beautiful space to eat and do homework.
Before: The twins slept on the floor.
After: The twins have their own comfortable beds off the floor.
Before: The family didn't have a space to spend time together.
After: The have a comfortable space to relax together.

I have not words. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough”.

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