Mary is a single mom to three girls, 8-year-old Erin, 4-year-old Cassandra, and 2-year-old Jasmine. She works part-time as a mortgage brokerage assistant. She left the children’s father due to domestic violence and, in the same year, her mother and grandmother passed away. She lost all support systems in a very short period of time, so she went Ariel Outreach to see if they could help her with housing. They were able to provide a place for the family to stay while Mary saves money. She was able to bring some items from their old home but was in need of beds and many home essentials. 

Before: Mary had just her couch in her living room.
Before: All three girls slept on the bed and trundle bed.
Before: This cabinet was the only furniture the girls had.
Before: The third bedroom was just a place for the girls to store their clothes.

Volunteers from our Oakland chapter met at the apartment and set out to make the space into a home for the young family.

Hanging photos.
Carrying in donations.
Hanging photos.
Unpacking the kitchen items.
Washing dishes.

When Mary and the girls arrived, we couldn’t wait to show them their new rooms. We knew the girls were going to love having their own space.

8-year-old Erin seeing her new room for the first time.
Before: The girls shared the same bed.
After: 8-year-old Erin has her own bed.
Before: The third room was empty and there was nowhere to store their things.
After: Cassandra and Jasmin have their own space to sleep and play.
Before: The family had just the couch.
After: They have a comfortable, cozy place to spend time together.

“I get my own bed!” said 4-year-old Cassandra.

“Thank you all so much. This is an event that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” said Mary.

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  • Terry Ann Coakley

    Such a Beautiful heartwarming story ! If they ever need a sitter I would be willing to volunteer I am retired and have some availability I live in Martinez. I have Little Girls size 5 and 5.5 tennis shoes in good shape to ho to a good home!

  • Terry Ann Coakley

    Beautiful and heartwarming! Where can I donated Children’s new and gently used clothing and shoes. If they ever need a sitter I am retired and available no charge.

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